Well-Child Exams


Child Growth & Development Assessments in Yukon, OK

As soon as a few days after babies leave the hospital, they should begin coming to the doctor for regular visits to receive immunizations and evaluations of their growth and development. Children should continue to follow a well-child visit schedule until they are 18. These visits are essential, as they let us know if your child needs further medical treatment. They also provide parents with peace of mind! At Canadian Valley Pediatrics in Yukon, OK, our friendly, relatable and knowledgeable team provides children throughout the area of all ages and stages with these well-child examinations to ensure they grow up strong and healthy.


At a well-child visit, children will be weighed and measured to be sure their growth is on the right track. We will assess your child to insure they are reaching developmental milestones, such as moving independently, speaking and being potty trained, at a normal rate. If needed, they will be given the proper immunizations.

During the adolescent years, preteens begin screening for depression and other mental health disorders, as well as for alcohol and drug use. We have a counselor at our facility for if your child is struggling. At these visits, your child may be referred to a specialist, if necessary.


Immunizations are essential for your child’s health, and are often required to go to school. Vaccines are safe and effective for preventing children from receiving and spreading deadly diseases.

Important vaccinations we provide include:

Hepatitis B
DTaP (diphtheria, tetanus, acellular pertussis)
Hib (Haemophilus influenzae type b)

IPV (polio)
PCV (pneumococcal disease)
Meningococcal vaccine

RV (rotavirus)
Flu (every year after six months of age)

Our staff will keep track of the vaccines your child needs and when so that you can stay on schedule and be proactive about your child’s health!

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