Medical Services

Counseling & ADD/ADHD Treatment in Yukon, OK

At Canadian Valley Pediatrics in Yukon, OK, we offer a wide variety of medical services in order to make sure your child is healthy physically, mentally and emotionally. Parents can schedule an appointment if their child is sick or exhibiting worrisome behaviors. We can also detect problems at your child’s annual check up. Our team is gentle and caring and always wants the best for you and your child. We will listen to and address all of your concerns providing you with peace of mind that your child’s health is in caring, experienced hands.

ADD is now referred to as ADHD, which stands for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. ADHD is characterized by three qualities: inattention, impulsiveness and hyperactivity. These qualities must be pervasive in your child’s life to be diagnosed with ADHD. A lot of younger children have trouble concentrating or sitting still when they find the task at hand boring. But if your child doesn’t seem to listen, is constantly daydreaming, can’t seem to sit still, and talks very often, he or she may have ADHD, and this can negatively impact their social life and education.

At Canadian Valley Pediatrics, we can diagnose ADHD through a screening, and then we provide a treatment plan. Treatment can involve medication, but often it doesn’t have to. Rather, adjusting your child’s lifestyle can be helpful. Making sure they are getting exercise, sleeping regularly and eating healthy can manage symptoms of ADHD. In addition, behavioral therapy can help your child learn to control his or her impulses or spaciness.
Symptoms of asthma in children include shortness of breath, chest pain, wheezing, frequent coughing and recurrent bronchitis. Our team can test the strength and quality of your child’s breathing to make an accurate diagnosis as to if he or she has asthma. We can prescribe a medication that your child will take everyday to reduce symptoms. In addition, we prescribe an inhaler for when your child’s asthma flares up and he or she is having trouble breathing.
Often, before participating in a school or organizational sport, athletic directors or coaches require a doctor to perform a sports physical to make sure it is safe for your child to engage in that sport. We will evaluate your child’s health and will fill out any forms required by the school or organization so your child can have fun getting exercise and making friends on their new sports team.
We now have a mental health counselor on staff for the convenience of our patients. If your child seems to be constantly anxious, doesn’t take interest in activities he or she used to love, has unpredictable mood swings, or is exhibiting any other unusual behaviors, talk to us about it. Once children become preteens, we begin to screen them for depression, and they are welcome to talk to our counselor for support and guidance.